Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Flexy

As the last minute dash for presents on the High Street takes place and the roads and trains fill up with those who are off to see friends and family, we thought we’d take this opportunity to show our appreciation to everyone we worked with this year, and to give you a little snapshot of the great year we’ve had here at Flexy. 2017 was our busiest so far, and we’re proud of everything we’ve achieved, as well as being thrilled with our amazing users and partners.

The number of hours worked through Flexy grew by 15% each month, culminating in 31,912 hours being logged in November. The average amount earned through Flexy per week has grown from £200 at the start of the year to £280 by the end. Our active users have increased from 1,500 in January to 16,000 in December, an increase of over 1000%. On top of that, 400 new companies joined the platform, we added 6 new members to our team and we exhibited at the Retail Technology Expo in May, HR Innovation Expo in Sept, and TechDay event in Nov. It was a truly fantastic year.

With that being said, we couldn’t have done any of it without our wonderful partners, who trust us with filling their vacancies with the best talent, and our amazing users, who take up those vacancies with aplomb. It’s been very busy for all of us, and we are overwhelmed with the effort everyone has made. We have really enjoyed working with all of you throughout 2017, and can’t wait to continue to do so in 2018.

Looking forward to 2018, we have many exciting developments on the horizon. We’re really looking forward to working with Helen Jones, who joined us in a non-executive role back in November. Having taken your feedback on board, we are currently developing our new app, which we are hoping to launch early on in 2018. And we have lots of other opportunities in the pipeline, which we will divulge in due time. We are absolutely chomping at the bit for the New Year, and we hope the whole Flexy experience will continue to improve for everyone.

Until then, we hope you have a much-needed rest over the festive period, and that your New Year’s Eve is full of fun and merriment.


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