Flexy was designed and built by a team of psychologists, recruitment experts, and digital architects. Disillusioned with the complexities of the old fashioned temporary employment sector, the team worked to simplify and streamline the casual labour market by creating a service that made meaningful connections between companies looking for flexible labour, and individuals looking for flexible work.

The recruitment landscape is changing at a dramatic pace, with the rise of the gig-economy and requirements of the modern workforce preferring flexibility of work around their lifestyles. Companies must innovate their recruitment practices in order to keep up with the changing trends. Flexy is at the forefront of innovation within the industry, and supports companies by providing a simple to use solution, that solves a highly complex issue.


Since launching in 2015, Flexy has grown to become a leading flexible staffing platform. The evolution of Flexy from a simple job marketplace to an innovative, data-driven analysis platform has meant the company is now able to provide insights and consumer experiences far beyond traditional staffing agencies. The efficiency gained through utilisation of technology has in turn created better value for both sides of the marketplace. 

In July 2019 Flexy was acquired by Impellam Group PLC,a connected group providing global workforce and specialist recruitment solutions. Our strength lies not just in our brands, and their specialist vertical markets and regional knowledge, but in how we are united by one purpose, one culture, one driving force.
Our operations span time zones across 70 locations in North America, Asia Pacific, the UK and Europe. With 9 businesses, we are the largest STEM group in the UK and the seventh largest Managed Services Provider in the world.
Through the power of work, we build better businesses and help people lead more fulfilling lives. We believe in the power of work. Find out more at Impellam.com

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