Retail & Merchandising

Retail and merchandising jobs provide a great way to earn money on a flexible basis, whilst providing experience in a fun and customer facing environment. You will be the type of person that enjoys meeting others, working in a team, and understands the importance of customer service.

Hospitality & Events

Hospitality and Events is an industry that relies heavily on the personality and attitude of the people who work in the sector. As a candidate for this category you will demonstrate a warm and friendly demeanour, with the ability to work well under pressure and as part of a team.

Office Admin & Receptionists

Office Admin and Receptionists covers a wide range of skills and traits. For this role you will demonstrate strong organisation skills, with the ability to work in a methodical and structured manner. Often Receptionists are the face of a company, so you will enjoy meeting new people and have a friendly personality.

Sales & Customer Service

Sales and Customer Service jobs require a high level of extroversion, as you will be talking with new people all the time. If you thrive being centre of attention at parties, and would rather be out socialising than at home watching Netflix; this role is for you.

Warehousing & Production

Warehousing and Production requires people who have a highly conscientious attitude to work, and thrive in a task based environment. If you enjoy seeing the results of your work, and working to some degree of autonomy, this role is for you.

Research & Testing

Research and Testing covers a wide remit of specific jobs, but ultimately the category requires a highly inquisitive nature. You will be fascinated by data and information, and keen to follow up on leads and clues in order to get the feedback or results you’re looking for.

Street Marketing & Promotions

Street Marketing and Promotions requires very bubbly, excitable people who can represent a brand in the way they want to be represented. You will have a high level of emotional intelligence, and be able to talk to anyone, adapting your approach to the environment.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance is a job category that requires a thorough attitude to work, and is for people who thrive in seeing immediate output for the effort they put in. If you enjoy working on your own and prefer to undertake familiar tasks, this job category is for you.


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